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EPON OLT Module PX20+++ 5dBm

EPON OLT Module PX20+++ 5dBm

EPON OLT PX20+++ is an SFP packaged hot-swappable optical module (compliant with IEEE 802.3ah 1000BASE-PX20+) used to connect optical data communication links. It adopts a single-fiber bidirectional design, and the uplink and downlink rates can reach up to 1.25Gbps, which is widely compatible with the market. Mainstream brand OLT equipment.  

    EPON OLT PX20+++
    o Single-fiber bidirectional hot-swappable SFP with SC/UPC interface
    o Up to 1.25Gbps operating rate
    o 1490nm DFB-LD transmitter and 1310nm burst mode APD-TIA receiver
    o Support DDM which can provide diagnostic and testing functions for power supply temperature transmitting and receiving status and service life.
    o Transmission distance up to 20KM
    o Comply with MSA SFP specification SFF-8472
    o Conforms to IEEE 802.3ah

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