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Financial Industry

Bank monitoring alarm has entered a crucial stage of the national network. While banks in the eyes of outsiders, is part of the deep pockets of rich handsome. But they really understand that only streamlined in order to obtain greater profits。

Advantages and prospects
With the increase in bank branches, leasing costs will continue to increase the fiber link, not a small cost for the construction of the security system. EPON network technology will allow operators to cost reduction in fiber link, for banks in terms of relatively dense outlets, ATM, self-service hall EPON network can take advantage of networking to achieve a more economical and can guarantee bandwidth. So EPON in bank security business has significant cost advantages and prospects。

Difficulties and challenges
EPON network availability requirements on banks is very high, can not tolerate any network failure can lead normal business outlets. Therefore, the main obstacle to the promotion of EPON networks is how to guarantee the availability of the network. After all, not every business networks directly connected to the fiber backbone network operators, so EPON network in the NE fault may affect an area rather than a place of business. Operators and integrators need to focus on solving problems EPON network availability。

Expert advice
In the field of security has been a lot of cases EPON, if you want to large scale applications, while operators need to address a single point of failure risks, on the other hand need to reduce tariffs, bandwidth guarantees, security control as the main direction to implement EPON Network program to promote the construction side to enjoy the benefits brought EPON。
Edit Comment: As bank users, the bank you how the building, I will not be too concerned, as long as you do not see a problem, and that is: I went to withdraw money, a place of business problems, I can understanding, two operating points problems, I have emotions. How to ensure the normal and stable operation of the network, the bank needs to do better。

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