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Repair Service

After the product after-sales service service:
1.When you buy nantian reverse Smartfiber products, the technical service department will provide you with detailed product principle is introduced, equipment instructions, common failure maintenance and other professional training. And to visit you, and know the operation of Smartfiber products, collect your opinion of Smartfiber products。

2.For you are in any technical problems in the process of using, Smartfiber technology promises to provide quick and thoughtful service department technical service support. You can by telephone: 0086 136 8680 0918, technical support, customer service, contact us online, Smartfiber promised within 8 hours after receiving demand for the quick reply。

3.Smartfiber maintenance department from the date of receipt of the repair product, will be completed within 7 working days in maintenance. For maintenance quantity in more than 10 PCS, will be completed within a month, maintenance. If unable to finish the maintenance due to special reasons, Smartfiber technical service department will tell to you in writing。

Special statement:
1.Smartfiber company is not responsible for the door a maintenance products。
2.Smartfiber products in manufacturing, sales, supply and use of responsibility, is limited to the product itself, Smartfiber is not liable beyond product value。
3.The service commitment applies only to products sold by Smartfiber company in mainland China。
4.When the product sold separately agreed service provision or of the contract, shall be south of tianwei Smartfiber depending on the terms of service or contract of confirmation。
5.Distributors, agents made except Smartfiber guarantee to you the other commitments, please ask for written confirmation when buy, so you extra cash commitment. To this, our company does not undertake beyond Smartfiber products after-sales service within the scope of responsibility。

Product repair process

To better provide customers with product maintenance services, the company set up a special product maintenance department, and send back the repaired products directly to customers。

Technical service department contact information is as follows:
ShenZhen Smartfiber Technology CO., LTD.
5th. Floor,Block E,Lihao Industrial Park, 78 Ainan Road, Baolong Street,Longgang District, Shenzhen,China
TEL+86 136 8680 0918    E-mailmarket@gepon.com.cn

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