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Industrial Automation

Factories, mines and surveillance video surveillance solution
Steel is the backbone of the national economy, but also the main artery of the national economy, but also has a huge domestic steel companies, departments, personnel, equipment, high value, widely distributed in the workplace and other characteristics, appropriate management and maintenance becomes difficult while there is still unable to keep abreast of the site's environmental usage and site issues such as accident prevention, once the accident losses will occur quite amazing. Therefore, enterprises in order to improve labor productivity, the need for real-time situation easier to key parts of the whole plant for accurate understanding of the full range of regional production safety monitoring and environmental safety monitoring. Security staff on duty, the plant leadership can always focus on the whole plant site monitoring and surveillance, so that real-time, direct understanding and knowledge of each department, and promptly react to what happens 。

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An Introduction:
The program is composed of analog cameras, video optical, analog matrix, DVR and MSP multiservice platform management software。
Including the front bolt, ball machine, pickups, loudspeakers, alarm sensor and lighting equipment, mainly to complete video, audio, and other binary signal acquisition and PTZ control, lighting control, voice playback and other functions。
Different series of video transmission using Optical, according to the needs of fiber optic routing and network reliability, a star, chain, tree and other network topologies for video signal and various auxiliary signal (audio, asynchronous data, switch, intercom, Ethernet, E1, telephone and other services) for real-time transmission......。
Monitoring center using matrix video switching of television wall, using DVR video recording, use of integrated services for video surveillance Optical networking and computer networks between different levels of monitoring center networking. At the same time, the use of MSP multiservice platform management software, to achieve unified management of DVR, complete real-time video over computer networks forwarding, browse and query functions such as video history。
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