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10GE Ethernet switch S5700-24T4TF

10GE Ethernet switch S5700-24T4TF

S5700-24T4TF are L3 clog free 10GE switches with BCM chipset series developed by SmartFiber.This product used the modules design with 24*10/100/1000 RJ45 base T ports,4*integration 10GE SFP+ optical ports,1*console ports,and also can be offer enough bandwidth,high capacity of exchange,support the ACL function which is the L3 and L4.Prefect security control strategy and CPU protect policy can be used for improve fault tolerance ability to ensure the stable operation of the internet and link road balancing.At the same tine,this switch also support auto DoS defense of attack,SNMP,IEEE802.1,spanning tree,rapid spanning tree protocol,link aggregation and etc functions,it is fit for the middle small-sized enterprise,campus network,internet bar and metropolitan area network and so on margin to use.
  • 1、 Excellent performance.

    Ø     218G backplane bandwidth.

    Ø     Hardware router,wire speed L3 exchange package transfer rate is 162.19Mpps.

    Ø     Cab be Deployed at the center of the metropolitan area network and be offered several last 1000 meter technology.

        Ø    Ethernet/IEEE802.3 data packet size(64 byte to 1522 byte).

        Ø    Giant data packet maximum 9216 byte.

    2、   Security and reliable.

    Ø    It provides DOS,DDOS,Deception and virus defense.

    Ø    It support IEEE802.1x and provides port-based user authentication,network shield technology,security control technology,and policy control list

    Ø This switch also limit the maximum number of connections to the port, the Ethernet interface for multiple binding, increase bandwidth and system redundancy.

    Ø     Strong power ACL,support L2 to L4 data filtering.

    Ø     Strategic control list,flow adjustment.

    3、Convenience to use and maintain.

    Ø    It can be managed by WEB,SNMP and etc methods.

    Ø     Support NModem protocol,it can be software upgrade and BootRom upgrade by the TFTP/ZMODEM.

    Ø     Support SFP+,and meanwhile compatible with XFP downward.

    4、 Powerful flow and broadcast management.

    Ø     Auto detection and relieve the broadcasting storms,Support to detect IGMP message,effective limit the broadcast message overflow.

    Ø    Supports full-duplex mode and half-duplex mode flow control.

    Ø     Support Ethernet interface with a speed limit of 1M.

  • Brand SmartFiber      
     Model S5700-24T4TF
    Base characters  
    Fixed ports 24个10/100/1000M RJ45 Base T ports、4*integration 10GE SFP+ optical ports、1*Console ports
     backplane bandwidth 218Gbps   
     Mpps 162.19Mpps
    Processor RISC 400
     Flash memory capacity 16MB
     GB RAM 128M
    MAC address list 16K
     queue buffer technology 3MB   
    Software specification
     Security characters IP+MAC+PORT+VLAN binding

    ARP detection

    DOS safeguard

     ports protection

     IP source ports protection
    VLAN Port based VLAN

    802.1Q VLAN

    IP based .

    MAC based.
    Address list   static MAC address table.

      dynamic MAC address table.
    storms control


     Broadcast restrain.

     Multicast restrain.

     DLF restrain.

     Restrain rate.
     Flux control  Half-duplex is based on back-pressure control.

     Dual-duplex based on PAUSE frame.
     Ports mirror image  Support ports mirror image.
     Manage Ports Common setting.

     Ports statistics.

     Ports configuration.

     Ports Aggregation.

     Ports Isolation
     Qos IEEE 802.1Qau congestion mechanism.

      Each port with 8 sending queue map and 802.1p 8 priority.
    IP service Ping detection.

    DHCP detection.
     Spanning tree. MSTP(802.1s)、STP、RSTP
    Multicast manage IGMP Snooping  multicast message detection.
     System management SNMP v1/v2/v3

    Console manage.

    TELNET mode.

    WEB interface.
     remote upgrade  Support version upgrade by WEB.

     Support version upgrade by local.
    outlook measure 440mm × 230mm × 44mm
    Power source character AC 110-240V self-adaption,47-63Hz,1A/230V,
    Power ≥60W
    Indicator light  Power source indicator,system indicator,connector/transceiver.
    Environment temperature/humidity 0-50℃ operation,-40-70℃ save,0-90%  no-condensing.

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