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XPON Intelligent Distribution Solution

Date:2019-10-05 Clicks:
XPON intelligent distribution solution has the following advantages, and has become the first technology in the construction of intelligent distribution communication network.
1. Optical Fiber and Power Distribution "Hand in Hand"
In power system, distribution network services mainly include SCADA (data acquisition/monitoring/control), reactive power compensation and voltage regulation, self-healing control, fault location and other services. Among them, each distribution unit xTU needs to be able to communicate quickly to understand each other's state and parameters, so as to reduce the blackout range. At the same time, the main station to achieve three remote distribution network, also need efficient vertical communication guarantee.
In the hand-in-hand scheme of XPON distribution network, unequal ratio multi-stage spectroscopy is used to realize ONU independent dual-upstream and remote dual-machine backup, which provides reliable communication service guarantee for voltage instability and short power outage in distribution network. At the same time, it meets the requirement of 5 ms latency in horizontal communication between ONUs, supports GOOSE protocol, and the vertical communication delay between the main station and ONU can be controlled within 100 ms. In addition, when a single link fails, the switching time of the main link and the standby link is 50ms, which can effectively shorten the service interruption time in case of failure, avoid causing malfunction and lead to fault upgrade.
2. Professionalism, stability and high security
Distribution network communication equipment is usually located in the open and close room, ring cabinet and other scenarios, near the high-voltage side equipment, the environment is relatively harsh, so the quality of communication equipment is also put forward high requirements. In response to the high reliability requirements of the power industry, the industry's first industrial equipment, ONU Smart AX MA5621, was introduced. The aluminum casting housing, combined with proprietary cooling technology, can provide high temperature resistance up to 85 degrees Celsius. At the same time, the port meets the 6kV lightning protection standard, which is 20 times higher than that of the industry 2KV, and meets the EN 55022 Class B electromagnetic electromagnetic compatibility standard. Good adaptability.
3. Friendly, convenient and manageable
In the distribution network, there are many terminal equipments and complex deployment, which occupy a large amount of construction time. At the same time, the maintenance cost of distribution communication equipment is relatively high. For example, in the installation scenario of ONU post switch, it usually needs to work at high altitude on the rod 6 meters above the ground. It needs professional construction personnel to install the switch. The repeated commissioning of ONU will greatly increase the difficulty and maintenance cost of the project. The end-to-end PON network integration experience and one-stop delivery capabilities solve the above problems well. In the XPON power distribution solution, ONU devices support batch offline pre deployment, one access, plug and play, and greatly shorten the deployment period. Moreover, it supports mass ONU remote batch upgrade, remote fault location and removal, effectively reduces the difficulty of operation and maintenance, and saves operation and maintenance costs.

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