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SmartFiber depending EPON been recommended application in Yi

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Yinchuan green haibolan Xuan Ningxia by the Green Group Ltd to develop high-end residential area, located in Jinfeng District of Yinchuan City hydrophilic Street. 
The total area of ​​88513.7㎡ total construction area: 134011.57㎡, ground floor area: 106215.57㎡, underground construction area: 27796㎡. The project planning and design have bungalows, multi, Deshang, Inns, clubs, garages, etc., the total number of 604 parking spaces 1051. To ensure community safety and security, improve district management level, to be established in the area of ​​video security monitoring, building intercom, alarm residents, perimeter alarm, electronic inspection, card access control systems, vehicle management system.

From the practical requirements of intelligent engineering system construction project starting to build a series of technical standards related to the Ministry of residential building intelligent systems engineering as the basis, combined with the actual situation of the current level of technological development and existing product offerings at home and abroad, for high-end and Ordinary building complex preparation of technical specifications, the area of ​​intelligent systems to adapt to different requirements. The intelligent system product selection criteria: "function suitable, stable performance, cost-effective, convenient construction, nice" based.

The project design and installation of a fiber optic terminal rack OLT interactive devices within the monitoring center room, through theelectrical or optical port linked to the central office server for data transmission for each subsystem Intelligent System. Splitter unified weak wells placed at the top or outdoors inside information, the use of fiber-optic approach, citing information from the control room to each box.Fiber to the floor plan every four or eight share a fiber optic cable, user ONU device placed in the floor weak box. Box placed ONU, output network interface unit connected to the outdoor intercom, video surveillance, access control, information distribution points, and so on.
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